Does your team have equipment in its logo?

Does your team have equipment in it's logo?

A quick survey of North American Sports logos.*

I was just curious about the use of bats, balls, sticks, pucks, helmets, ect in sports logos, so I whipped this up. Apparently basketball and baseball logos need equipment in them. Basketball especially uses equipment, with the WNBA at 76% and the NBA at 70% equipment usage in their logos. It’s also almost always a ball, minus the Rockets with their stylized hoop. The baseball teams with equipment also almost always uses a ball. Minus the Pirates and Cardinals with bats only, the Rays and Padres using bases and the Phillies using a field.

Updated: 11/08/11


The always fantastic:

*Primary logos only.

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  • Guest

    What equipment is in the Colorado Avalanches logo?

    • Anonymous

      There is a puck in the snow.

  • Jwsmith2008

    Forgot the Flyers logo with the puck…

    • Anonymous

      Nice catch. I didn’t realize that was a puck there. I’ll fix that up. Thanks!

  • Cole Paladeau

    What is the equipment in LA and Carolinas logos? Also I know the vancouver 3rd sweaters have a stick, but does the whale logo have equipment in it?

    • Anonymous

      Hey Cole, LA has sticks in it’s crown and Carolina has a puck in the middle of the hurricane. For the Canucks, I’m going with the ice that the whale is jumping out of. And thanks for checking out the site!

      • Cole Paladeau

        Thanks for the reply. Great site, as long as there is new illustrations ill keep visiting.

  • Hmashura

    Did you use the wrong logo for the Canucks? I know the oval with the stick is supposed to be a letter C, and a hockey rink.

    Great site btw

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for digging the site! For the Canucks, the bottom of C is cracking ice I believe, so that’s what I’m going with there.

  • SArtz

    I love that Chicago only has one team on here. Does that mean we’re more or less creative with our logos? Or, are they just so old that nobody thought to put equipment in them?

  • Dana87

    When the Patriots wear their alternate jerseys, they have Pat the Patriot crouched in a center stance and grasping a football.

  • Jomar Ferreras

    NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets have a hockey stick or a puck, depending on which one you consider their primary logo. Don’t know if you include alternate/shoulder logos, but the Florida Panthers and Winnipeg Jets have hockey sticks. Love all your infograms

  • jelly_belly

    Concerning the Vancouver Canucks, since when is ice considered equipment? Would grass be considered equipment for a football team? The Minnesota Timberwolves logo has trees on it, and they play on a wooden court; is that considered equipment? I guess I just don’t get it.

  • Jenn W

    Love the infographics on this site, but I really have to disagree with your choices of Carolina and Philadelphia. Those are just circles, not pucks. You’d be better off using the alternate jersey logo for the Hurricanes and dropping the Flyers all together. If you use circles as pucks there a bunch more out there (Detroit, Columbus, Minnesota, plus others with a circle outline), but I don’t think it’s accurate to assume all circles are pucks in these logos. Also, you put Vancouver in because of the whale breaking the ice, but ice is not really equipment. Since you used the ballpark silhouette for the Phillies, I can see why you went for the ice thing, but you’d have been better off using the Canucks alternate logo for this infographic.

  • Geoffrey Hooker

    The Sharks have equipment, but illegal equipment. It is illegal for a skater to play with a broken stick, and that is clearly not a goalie’s stick.