2011-2012 Shanaban Tracker

The SixteenWins.com Shanaban Tracker. A visual quick reference of the Shanabans that have occurred so far this season.

Last updated March 28, 2012


2011 NHL Fines and Suspensions

NHL officiating signals

Plus, right before I posted this, I saw this site on a search, good stuff here: http://www.shanabans.com/




  • http://twitter.com/Verl1 Jon Lau

    For the salary lost, is it possible to also add in a section relating it to their salary over the year?

    Since pre-season games = no salary (Brad Boyes), Bouchard lost more than MacArthur (2 regular season games).

  • Guest

    Do you think you could also put the date of the suspension on each one?

    • Anonymous

      Good idea, I’ll work on that.

  • Guest

    This is great. Just wanted to let you know that when you click on the Kris Letang picture, it bring you to the video for Deveuax.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback! I think the NHL has moved some of the videos on me, I’ll see if I can locate the new links. Thanks again.