NHL Alignment Since 1967

NHL Alignment Since 1967
An illustrated guide to the alignment of the NHL from 1967 to 2012. As you can see, the new Winnipeg Jets are not the first time the NHL has been geographically challenged.

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An illustrated guide to NHL realignment history



More information on NHL realignment:

NHL Realignment: What Can We Learn From 44 Years Of Seismic League Changes?



  1. I want this as a poster I can hang on my wall!

    • Thanks, that’s a great idea. Now, if I could just get NHL licensing rights… : )

      • very cool chart. i own most of these team jerseys. The only thing I noticed was the SEALS logo changed to just text (no circle logo) when they became golden seals. This is great, is there a poster for sale?

        • Thanks! If I get time and can find the right seals logo, I’ll make a switch. No poster for sale, with all the logos, pretty sure the NHL will get mad at me. But, I wish I could sell it!

  2. 1978-81 has something screwed up. The Capitals are in both the Patrick and Norris on the graphic.

    Awesome chart though. :)

    • Thanks for the heads up. They switched to the Patrick in 1979-80. So, the original chart was kinda right, but confusing. I switched it up a little (moving the timeline to 79), so it works better now. Thanks again!

  3. I think the 4th row should be titled 1974-78. Also, the North Stars should be labeled 1974-77 in the Norris as they were in the Adams in 78. Nice chart otherwise.

  4. When does this get updated with the 2012-2013 alignment? :-)

  5. It would be nice to update this graphic since a new realignment occurred a few weeks ago !


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