1000 Games with A Single Club

1k Games with a Single NHL Club

SixteenWins reader Gary Miller sent along some excellent data regarding N.H.Lers with 1000 or more games with one team.

Some interesting notes:

  • 52% Are in the N.H.L Hall of Fame
  • 16 Centers, 12 Defensemen, 1o Right Wings, 8 Left Wings and 1 Goalie
  • Detroit has the most at 6 players
  • 30 Players have their number retired (or honoured (Maple Leafs)) by their club
  • 8 Players are still active

Thanks again to Gary for all the great data! If you have data or idea, click here to share it!

Updated! Sorry, I had some mistakes on the first version of this graphic and missed Bernie Federko, Ron Francis, and Joe Sakic. I also misspelled Bobby Clarke and listed Jerome Iginla as inactive. All fixed. Thanks to all for the heads up.

Update 2! This thing is kinda a mess, and I appreciate all the feedback, but instead of updating this version more, I think I’m going to try a new one. Not sure if this one worked. Cool data, just needs a different look/idea. Thanks again for checking it out!


Also note, this regular season games only. 



  1. iginla is still active…

    • yeah, just missed changing the color there, all fixed!

  2. Bobby Clarke. Other than that, this looks great.

    • Darn “e”. All fixed, and thanks!

  3. Great illustration! I think Sakic belongs on here, though. Granted, the Nordiques moved to Colorado, but same franchise.

    • Thanks! I added Joe. Just an omission on my part, thanks for the heads up!

      • his number was also retired 10/1/2009

  4. Bernie Federko played over 1000 for the Blues (including playoff games), according to the team’s official site.

  5. Bernie Federko played over 1000 for the Blues (including playoff games), according to the team’s official site.

    • Thanks for the heads up, just missed him. All added now.

      • Federko shouldn’t be on the list. It needs to be 1000 reg season games,.. without playoffs.

  6. Tomas Holmstrom has played 1054 games with the Wings

    • Added, thanks for the heads up!

      • 1054? I think it’s 990

  7. Tomas Holmstrom has played 1054 games with the Wings

    • Chris Phillips has the same exact games played as Holmstrom. 990. Put him on!

  8. Looking up Tomas Holmstrom he’s only got 990 regular season games with the wings per the Red Wing’s own site (not including tonight’s game in Dallas where he just lit the lamp). However, if the author here is going to include Lecavalier as projected, then it would be fair to include Tomas Holmstrom.

    • added, correct if vinny is in, tomas should be too. thanks for the heads up!

  9. Chris Phillips !!! He’s 9 games away

  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Phillips should be in there. Federko actually should not, I didn’t notice 70 some games were with Detroit. Sakic should have a banner. Anyway, I think I’m going to scrap this version and try a new one. I don’t think it works. Thanks again for all the feedback!

  11. Friday you can rip the “projected” tag off of Holmstrom. He will play regular season game #1000 when the Wings host the Ducks. In other news, he received goalie interference tonight for being blatantly pushed into the goalie. Some things change, others stay the same. Forever.


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