Super Bowl Winning QBs

Super Bowl Winning Qbs

Updated: 02/05/12

An Illustrated Guide to Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks. This is a part of project I worked on with the great peeps over at SportsData. We explored some interesting stats regarding Quarterbacks and their Super Bowl Seasons and careers. Enjoy.

Be sure and check out SportsData to learn more about them and the awesome stuff they are doing.

  • Guest

    Cool graphic, but Trent Dilfer was number 8 with the Ravens, not 12.

  • guest42

    also kurt warner wore #13

  • guest42

    also kurt warner wore #13

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, all fixed!

  • Football Fanatic

    Very cool!

  • Hawkstu4

    Johnny Unitas jersey should have 2 white shoulder stripes, just like Peyton Manning.

  • Guest36

    I, too, like the graphic very much. Please look at the Super Bowl designation beneath the Bart Starr jersey – it looks like a lower case i was used for the 1 rather than an upper case I.

  • Ken Keaton

    Pretty sure that Joe Namath and Steve Young were not #1 overall picks.

    • Anonymous

      Good point. It should really have a note about both picks. Namath was the #1 overall pick in the AFL draft. Young was the #1 in the 1984 supplemental draft.

  • Quirrus

    very nice way of putting things,,,thanks